I began my journey as a serious water media artist in 2005.  My mentor taught through critique and I was privileged to be a member of a group of professional artists who provided me with information and advice that enabled me to grow as an artist.  Prior to that, I'd always been creating art through drawing, painting and crafting.  From a very young age, my father provided me with quality paints, pastels, pencils, canvases and paper.  He spent time showing me how to create perspective, balance and design. I am a signature member of the Georgia Watercolor Society, the Watercolor Society of Alabama and the Tallahassee Watercolor Society. I've served on the TaWS board as Publicity Chair, Vice President (three years) and President 2013 - 2015.

Though my degree is in Communication with an emphasis on writing (I also love writing stories and poetry), I find that communicating through my art is the most rewarding.

My joy is in creating and painting a subject as I see it.  Expressing myself through water media is rewarding and exciting.  With each painting, I am consumed by the process and the result is an expression of my love of art.  I DRAW FROM NATURE AND PAINT FROM THE HEART!

                                                  I look at the paper before me.

                                                  The possibilities are endless.

                                                   So many colors, textures, shapes

                                                   and designs to choose from.

                                                   I begin to brush the color onto the paper

                                                   and I'm consumed by the joy of creating.

                                                   This is my bliss!